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Live sports betting is fun and easy with Parimatch. This online bookmaker is among the most famous ones around the globe. The company has the best arrangements for live sports betting. Moreover, it’s very easy and convenient to use!


Playing at PariMatch bookmaker’s office is exciting and, with the right approach to betting, very profitable, as thousands are convinced every day. But there are plenty of people who can’t win, and if you don’t want to be one of them, here are a few tips from the pros on how to bet on PariMatch to win:

  • Spend time and effort analyzing statistical information and familiarising yourself with betting strategies – systematic preparation will allow you to soberly assess the chances of winning and find the golden mean between the desire to hit the big jackpot and the risk of losing the entire deposit in a couple of bets. For starters, it is better to opt for flat, because derivatives and overtaking are likely to lead to zeros in the account.
  • Do not bet again after a big loss – the urge to win back is the problem with all inexperienced players, who think they must get lucky next time. If you are unlucky, it is wise to think about what went wrong and bet again after a certain period of time.
  • Be responsible when choosing your bet – PariMatch allows you to choose how much to risk within the maximum and minimum limits for this type of betting. Initially, it is best to settle at 3-5% of your account size and not place any larger bets for 4-8 weeks, even if you feel you are on a winning streak.
  • Avoid betting on your favorite teams or athletes, as you can hardly judge their performance objectively. Enjoy their games without the fear of losing money, while PariMatch pre-match and in-play bets should be placed on players that you aren’t emotionally attached to.
  • Invest in sports, championships, and events that you know well, that you have analyzed, and whose participants you are familiar with. It is unrealistic to be an expert in all areas, so experienced bettors play in 2-3 areas and win by making accurate predictions.
The secrets of successful Parimatch
The secrets of successful PariMatch online betting

The main thing that distinguishes a professional from a beginner is a rational approach to betting. The successful player is the one who knows thoroughly how the system works, what can be earned with maximum probability, and always keeps a sober mind.

When choosing a bookmaker’s office, players pay attention to the odds, the spread, the line, the reliability of the company, the live section, and, of course, the bonus and promotional offers. And bookmakers clearly understand this, so in the struggle for new customers use bonuses, which often serve as an incentive to register. For bookmakers, launching any bonus program is a decent loss, but it is difficult to survive without it in the current highly competitive sports betting market. Specifically, freebies are also used to attract new players, but more often than not, the main purpose of free bets is to retain previously registered bettors.

Programs that offer freebies usually have simple and clear terms and conditions. Take a few minutes to read the rules and requirements. They usually have the following details:

  • Events on which you can bet the free bet. Some bookmakers only allow you to place a free bet in prematch, while others do not allow you to use it for certain sports, such as tennis.
  • Minimum odds for a free bet. There may be no restrictions, although, as practice shows, bookmakers allow betting bonuses at odds of 1.50 or higher.
  • Type of betting. The conditions of the first allow you to bet both single bets and Odds, the second allows you to bet only Odds or single bets only, it all depends on the imagination of bookmakers.
  • Betting size. Sometimes the rules specify that you must use the whole free bet, that is, bet the whole amount, and sometimes it is allowed or even required to bet in parts.

Warning: creating an additional betting account to re-register for a freebie will result in the blocking of the duplicate account, bonus cancellation, and other sanctions. Re-registration is prohibited by the rules of the betting shops.

 betting shops
Re-registration is prohibited by the rules of the betting shops.

Top 10 Sports Betting PariMatch

  • Football
  • Cybersport
  • Tennis
  • Table TennisBasketball
  • Volleyball
  • Hockey
  • UFC
  • Handball
  • Boxing
Top 10 Sports Betting PariMatch
Top 10 Sports Betting PariMatch


How to do betting from a mobile device?

The administration of the official bookmaker’s portal has made sure that customers have the opportunity to bet with Parimatch sports betting on various events anywhere and at any time. Pre-match and in-play betting can be done using the mobile version of the website, adapted to modern devices with any operating system. The site can be accessed via any browser, and the intuitive menu allows you to quickly understand the mechanism of betting. For your convenience, pre-bets and live bets are located on opposite sides of the screen, and additional functionality is available in a separate section.

If the mobile version doesn’t suit you, you can download and install the app for Android or iOS from the official PariMatch website, but you can’t bet on matches in real-time – only the odds and expresses in PariMatch are available.