Betway Reviews


Betway is a betting company with a history going back more than 15 years and an audience of around 1.8 million people. The firm’s main advantage is that it operates in regulated markets. The firm is a member of the European Sports Security Association, the Independent Betting Solutions Service, the Remote Gambling Association, and is accredited by eCOGRA. Additionally, the firm also works with the Professional Gamblers Federation, which protects bettors’ rights.

Accessing the site

Betway’s official website is the only official place to place bets on behalf of the brand. As well as having an international license, Betway is loyal to many players and does not place any additional obstacles in their way.

How do users from different countries access the website?

Any customer will be able to access the website without any problems; all they need to do is to enter a single Betway address and the home page will open. Even in countries where Betway does not officially operate, there are no restrictions on access set by the administrators. You may only face problems if your country requires a domestic license, but even then, all you need to do is to use Betway alternative link.

Does betweb have any mirrors?

A mirror is an official copy of a gambling resource that not only has the same design and contains all the functions of the main site, but is also connected to the same database. As a result, a mirror keeps the same odds and can use the same account, as it is in fact the same site.

The only difference remains the address of the mirror – it may be a random set of letters and numbers, but in any case it is not similar to the official URL. This is what protects the user from being blocked, as random combinations get blacklisted by the ISP with a delay and provide access.

But Betway operates under licenses, which means it is not afraid of blocking and has simply not created any mirrors. You will not be able to find them in official or third-party sources, and if technical difficulties arise or blocking is initiated by the state, you will be able to bypass these problems:

  • VPN service – this refers to a special program that works on the principle of IP address spoofing. The target site perceives the user as a client from another country, and the provider cannot prohibit a connection to a foreign server.
  • The plug-in is a special browser version of the VPN, which changes the client’s identifier purely within the browser. The rest of the computer works with the standard settings and the speed does not drop.
  • Anonymiser is an extreme case when it is not possible to download a program or use a plugin. It is a special site that opens Betway alternative link inside itself, bypassing the blocking.

Sports betting line: markets, spreads and odds

Betway betting company opens for betting nearly 200 thousand events a day in a variety of fifty sports, among them Betway esports. Leading among them by markets is football, but you should also pay attention to Betway esports.

Traditional sports betting includes 15 options. Depending on the type of bet, sport and match level, and taking into account other variables, the odds can range from 0.1 to 1,200.

Step by step instructions for registration

In order for a customer to place bets, make deposits and withdraw money won, it is necessary to create a personal account with an internal balance. This procedure is quite easy and does not require much time or effort.

Registration for users from different countries

Registration is available for users from most countries in the world. There are several steps to complete the registration process:

  • Click on the registration button located under the login form in the top right corner of the site.
  • Enter information about your account: unique username (nickname), password, email address.
  • Fill in your personal data: name and surname, date of birth, country of residence.
  • Indicate address including region, city, street, house and postal code; the mobile phone number is also required.
  • Make further settings: select the daily, weekly and monthly limits, choose the language and currency you want.
  • Then check the box to confirm that you are of legal age and agree to the rules; the procedure is finished by clicking on the green button.